Are you ready to learn simple strategies that you can use to manage that feeling of overwhelm in your life?

In this self-paced and on-demand eCourse, you will learn:

  • What is stress and why do we need to manage it?
  • Mental strategies to help your body manage the effects of stress
  • Ways that you can use essential oils to increase the effectiveness of mental strategies (and why you want to!)
  • What essential oils are best for stress and related issues like sleep, muscle tension, concentration, adrenal support, and many more!
  • Essential oils basics for emotional use + safety considerations
  • Bonus materials including essential oils myths, tips for safe use, research and science supporting essential oil use, and much more!

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Jaimie F. (Colorado)

I can't recommend this course enough. As a teacher, this year has been incredibly stressful with so many unknowns. The strategies that Dr. Gaines showed me have helped me to feel more in control and calm as I go throughout my day. 100% recommended!

Alicia C. (Florida)

If you are a Mom or a teacher - and especially if you are both - you NEED to take this course. I had no idea that stress was the reason I was feeling so tired and run down, getting sick all the time, and constantly feeling agitated by my kids. As I started to use the strategies that Dr. Gaines teaches, I started to FEEL better - and I also started to have more energy. My husband and kids appreciated that I wasn't snapping at them all the time now, too! This is one of the best things I have ever done to help myself feel less chaotic and overwhelmed.

Hi, I'm Dr. Stacey Gaines!

Emotional and physical health are things I have always been really passionate about - so much so that they were reflected in my formal education where I specialized in the areas of exercise science and psychology while I completed my Ph.D. at Purdue University. I was introduced to essential oils in 2013 and gave them mild attention initially because my scientist brain questioned how something that wasn't backed by research was effective or safe. But when I started researching them more, I was astounded at the amount of legitimate research I was finding supporting the use of essential oils for therapeutic health benefits.

Now I help people find, and safely use, natural solutions for their health needs. Our healthcare system is frustrating, and it can be difficult to wade through the alternative options that are available to us. On top of that, navigating the world of essential oils can be a bit overwhelming. That's where I come in! I want to help you find solutions for YOUR family's health needs that work with YOUR budget. Whether you are a Mom who desperately wants to keep her family healthy, a corporate professional who experiences stress and difficulties sleeping, someone with a practice in a helping profession, or someone just wanting an overall high quality of life, I would love to teach you about how essential oils can help you to embrace wellness, one drop at a time!


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